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 Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism is a necessary collective realization so that all kind of activities concerning tourism can respect all forms of life and have a positive and sustainable impact on the man, economical, natural, cultural and heritage environment.

Responsible tourism term could synthesize all tourism aspects that were born these ten last years : solidarity-based and fair tourism or ecotourism.

Travelling is not without any consequence. Mass tourism and the behaviours it generated have imposed during decades travel rules. Local populations have been too oftently put aside of the economical results linked to tourism. These economical repercussions went unnoticed in the local development.

Today responsible tourism takes shape thanks to local project initiatives, engage welcome places, association networks of fair and solidarity-based travels and thanks to the desire of travelers to discover a country differently by taking a stand in the local development :

  • Participate at the local economy
  • Be a development tool
  • Convey the idea of exchanges and meetings between travelers and local populations
  • Allow the traveler to discover local realities in the man meaning
  • Make the exchanges fairer

It has been a long time that in Morocco several associations and organisations closely work with local populations.

Responsible traveler

Your trip can be different whether you travel with an organism or by yourself.
While discovering a country or a region you can participate through your choices to the improving of the visited population life conditions. These choices concern your way to travel, the spirit in which you will approach meetings, your look on the everyday life here as elsewhere, or your choices of the places where you will sleep or stay.

 Responsible tourism in Riad Tabhirte

Riad Tabhirte is committed in responsible tourism. Established in the Agdz region, this project is the reflection of local development in a state of mind of exchanges and meetings, by suggesting the visitors, through the welcome and the activities we offer, another way to see travels, more convivial, closer to local populations and allowing men and women of this area to benefit from economy in the projects linked to tourism.

Our choices as regards ethic and development are one of the answers to responsible tourism practices.

For Riad Tabhirte restoration we appealed to local craftsmen of Agdz's and surroundings douars, all selected for their competences and their traditional know-how in construction : builder team specialized in traditional soil construction, traditional joiners, plumbers, electricians, soil brick makers, craftsmen working on reeds, Tadelak craftsmen, gardeners, local shopkeepers and material delivery men.

People around us in the welcome and lodging activity live in the douar (village) and fully participate at the guest house life. A lady cooks for us the traditional bread served at the guest house. We have also benefited of the population spontaneous help during the project setup.

Some definitions of the different tourism appellations

Solidarity-based tourism

This form of tourism implies the travel company or association and the travelers in the development support of the visited countries. It aims at answering to local population needs by bringing financings for local projects or economical incomes for the population thanks to fair travels. A percentage is released from each travel amount and is transferred or invested again depending on needs. These financings have to answer to a need explicitly expressed by concerned populations.

Fair tourism

It implies that travel companies or associations practise a fair remuneration for local service providers who offently are local tourism protagonists and sometimes a non-professional population. But this fair remuneration has to take into account local economical realities and should not destabilize this order.


Its goal is to make a large public discover the environment, flora and fauna. Some structures practising this form of tourism are committed in help programs aiming at preserving environment and  endangered species. In this case they practise ecotourism as a mean to make travelers aware of respect and need of protecting the environment, flora and fauna.

Responsible tourism

As a synthesis of all these forms of tourism, it commits everybody, travel companies or associations, travelers, service providers and local population in the necessity to adopt behaviours aiming at guaranteing exchanges respectful of men and women, cultures and visited places.

A development tool

« Riad Tabhirte » reception project constitutes an integrated and responsible development tool aiming at :

  • Enhance the heritage value
  • Create employment
  • Participate to the local development
  • Set up an organic garden for the Riad
  • Create a museum upon Drâa valley cultures and traditions
  • Enhance the value of Drâa valley apiculture
  • Create an association for the development of local population involvement in the project

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By travelling we take pathes layed out centuries ago. A people story .... peoples ..... landscapes. It is worth to linger there .....

By crossing these man-shaped landscapes, as you follow the path the meeting becomes human. A smile or a look tells you a lot about the welcome reserved for you. If you want it, because it only depends of you. Everything permits curiosity, wish to share with pepole we meet, words, feelings, and sometimes improvised meals.

This little things can make the difference between you who stop, take this time to look, understand and share, and those who will simply pass. But finally you will be right because this will be the real wealth of your trip. Without really noticing it, you will have everyday transformed your travel into an exceptional experience for you and all the people you have met.

And if you want your trip to surprise youor to become an adventure, don't program too much your time. Let chance have it because it offently opens you the doors of unbelievable discovery.

May your way be beautiful and generous !


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