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Practical informations

Before leaving

You can travel to Morocco all year long with temperatures from 20°C to 35°C most of the time, apart from the fresh but pleasant season from November to January and from the hot season from June to August.

Formalities : A passeport is needed that should be valid at least for 6 months.

Health : No vaccination is needed. A small first-aid kit can be useful during your trip.


Agdz : in this small town located between Ouarzazate and Zagora you will find one bank (change and cash dispenser) and several shops, grocery stores, craftsmen, a chemist's shop, a dispensary, several cyber cafes, a souk, a hammam .... Bus and taxis every day.

Airports :  The OUARZAZATE airport will allow you to arrive directly in the moroccan south at 70 km  from Agdz.
The MARRAKECH airport is more oftently used and will allow you to cross the Atlas to reach the moroccan south. This beautiful road passes by the superb Tichka col.

To know : there is now an airport navette in Marrakech which desserves the city center and the Grand Jmaa El Fna place, the heart of the city. Frequency every 30 minutes for the reasonnable price of 20 Dh.

Bus and taxis : To get to Agdz from Ouarzazate  you will find the long taxis at the bus station.
Several bus companies travel every day from Marrakech to Ouarzazate/Agdz. For comfortable buses (air-conditioning) and secured schedules, choose the CTM company which has got its own bus station (in the surroundings of the rail station) or the Supratour company (near the Marrakech rail station). You can also take the long taxis at the bus station.

Your arrival : We can receive you at Ouarzazate or Marrakech airports. Please consult us.

Currencies : The currency is the dirham. You can only buy it in Morocco. You will find change desks at the Marrakech airport or bank in the cities (change and cash dispensers with CB).

The language : Berber and Arab are the usually spoken languages but a lot of Moroccan speak also French or English.

Habits and customs : Riad Tabhirte guest house is located at the border of the old Agdz Ksar (old city-state), the Agdz douar (village) and the palm grove. It is a meeting crossroads where the respect of  local population is indissociable from the reception of our visitors.

That is why we ask our visitors to have a responsible behaviour, according to the man environment.
As a general rule you should get decently dressed during your movings outside of the guest house : women should have covered  legs and arms and men should avoid being bare-chested.

Please answer to the greetings for a good and respectful relation to the population. It is also a good mean to meet people and to have rich and nice conversations.

Drinking alcohol is generally forbidden in public places.



Upon reaching the main square of AGDZ, downtown at the corner coffee "golden sands"take the road down - first sign Riad - Follow this road 1km200. Go past the village mosque, located on your left, and 20m further on your right - second panel indication of Riad - take the track that is committed to the palm - 3rd panel indication of Riad : pedestrian access or vehicle access - engage you in the palm and the first intersection turn left, parking Riad is right there

Activities and trips

We offer you several activities adapted to your desires :

  • Camel trekking in the desert,
  • Craftsman workshop visit,
  • Discovery of the agricultural activities in the palm grove,
  • Moroccan cooking.

Learn more about it

Complementary informations

Please contact us for more informations about activities and trips.



Donations to the population

Morocco and other emerging markets are flooded with donations of clothing, pens and notebooks. Although the "gift" be happy, this action is only a fleeting without help bring a real solution.
Note that these donations generate expectations, jealousies and internal conflicts so that the casual visitor can not manage.

To meet the needs of people should get real help, support developed on the basis of sustainable projects.
These can be achieved by providing financing and related projects to meet assessed needs, such as: infrastructure, access to drinking water, housing, education and activities generating income. These projects are aimed either at individual or at community.
If you want to participate in sustainable actions, we can possibly advise you or direct you to organizations. We even we participate in small actions.

At Riad Tabhirte: Many of our visitors we offer donations of clothes. Although a surge of the heart, we no longer want to be the intermediary for these types of donations, because sustainable development assistance that we practice is not part of this logic. We do not encourage this approach and you will be solely responsible for this choice.

To preserve the balance of social relations we have with local people and with our neighbors, we hope that no such donation is made within the Guest house or in his immediate social environment.
Thank you for contributing your compliance with our commitments in local development.


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